Week 3 — Art Activity — Drawing

This week was both fun and frustrating. I enjoyed drawing the cups the most with the trees being a close second, but I absolutely hated drawing myself. I am very bad with realistic drawings and prefer a more cartoony style. I would though do this again as I enjoy drawing and want to see if I can improve all my drawings.

If I were to practice for 100 or 1,000 hours, I think I would significantly be better. As with many things, repetition generally leads to improvement. If I were to have the time to practice my drawing 100s of times, I believe that I would be able to recognize my mistakes and slowly correct and improve them.

My major is Chemical Engineering. I think the best way simple sketching can be used is for drawing schematic diagrams. From my own experiences, these simple diagrams are the key in helping me understand problems and concepts. It is one thing to be given the numbers and mechanisms about a pump and it is another to see a diagram of the whole pump process.

I do believe that drawing is a language. It is as the saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Drawings can express certain messages or ideas that could be complicated if it were described vocally. Additionally, drawings can carry more than one meaning or message and can communicate them more effectively.



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