Wk 2 — Activity — Virtual: Worlds

The virtual world that I decided to visit was animal crossing. Compared to the physical Long Beach College University, the virtual world is much smaller and has less things I can interact with. On the other hand, the animal crossing world allows a lot of customizability in the layout and is much faster getting from area to area compared to walking from classes on campus. The virtual world is similar to Zoom U as it is very easy to meet up with anyone online; however, Zoom U allows easy communication through talking and text while it is a lot harder to chat through text on animal crossing.

One of the main differences between my virtual world and an environment like Facebook is that in my world I have an avatar that I can control and physically see as it interacts with other people. They also are similar in that you can chat with other people and share ideas like designs.

Comparing my virtual world to that of a physical place such as a mall, they both share some similarities and differences. Typically, the layout and design of a mall is the same and takes a long time to change while on the other hand items and buildings in animal crossing take at most a day to move. Additionally, they both allow groups of friends to meet up and hang out. A physical place such as a mall does afford me experiences that the virtual world cannot, mainly that I can interact with almost anything in the physical world, but the virtual world provides unique experiences as it allows me to go to places and do things I can physically cannot.

Overall, this experience has reinforced my thoughts and beliefs about the idea of place. Places do not have to be entirely physically; in fact, some virtual places provide opportunities and activities I could otherwise not due. I believe that it is very possible to have place experiences during this pandemic and highly encourage others to try seeking it for themselves.

I do not consider social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook MMORPGs. MMORPGs are games that allow a player to take on a persona of a character and interact with other people. While it is possible for people to have personas on platforms like Facebook, they do not advertise or enhance this type of experience and do not have the level of interaction compared to games like World of Warcraft.

I do think that real life is very similar to MMORPGs but lack certain qualities found in those games. They both provide you the freedom to choose to do whatever you want but the challenges you face in each are very different. The real world has more physical limitations; you cannot be an elf or decide to travel to any other country on a whim. On the other hand, MMORPGs can often feel grindy and time consuming as you play and some things can also be blocked unless you pay for it. While they both have their own unique qualities, real life and MMORPGs share many similarities.



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